Title Carbon Flux and Growth in Mature Deciduous Forest Trees Exposed to Elevated CO₂
Author/s Christian Körner, Roman Asshoff, Olivier Bignucolo, Stephan Hättenschwiler, Sonja G. Keel, Susanna Peláez-Riedl, Steeve Pepin, Rolf T. W. Siegwolf, Gerhard Zotz
Year 2005
Journal Science 309:1360-1362
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Related article Pennisi E 2005: Sky-High Experiments. Science 309:1314-1315 [Newsfocus: Forest Research]
Additional material Waldbäume in einer CO₂-reichen Welt (PDF-file with additional informations in german)
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Research project The Swiss Canopy Crane Project (SCC)
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