Title Development and characterization of microsatellite DNA markers for the Alpine plant species Campanula thyrsoides?
Author/s Hafdis H. Ægisdóttir, Barbara Koller, Patrick Kuss, Jürg Stöcklin
Year 2007
Journal Molecular Ecology Notes 7: 996-997
Abstract We isolated and characterized eight polymorphic microsatellite markers for the study of molecular genetic variation of the Alpine Campanula thyrsoides (Campanulaceae). Number of alleles per locus ranged from six to 12 and the observed heterozygosity was between 0.529 and 0.900. Observed vs. expected heterozygote deficits were significantly different in two out of six loci. We did not find evidence for linkage disequilibrium between locus pairs. The microsatellite markers will be used for the study of genetic variation and gene flow within and among populations of Campanula thyrsoides in the Swiss Alps.
Keywords Alps, Campanula thyrsoides, Campanulaceae, microsatellite markers, population genetics, SSR
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