Title The biological flora of Central Europe: Campanula thyrsoides L.
Author/s Patrick Kuss P, Hafdis Hanna Ægisdóttir, Jürg Stöcklin
Year 2007
Journal Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics 9: 37-51
Abstract Campanula thyrsoides is one of the few monocarpic perennials of temperate alpine mountain ecosystems and native to the European Alps and adjacent mountains ranges. Individuals are rare but locally abundant and the species is protected in most of the Alpine countries. The exceptionally yellow-flowering member of the Campanulaceae grows preferably in alpine meadows with a moderate disturbance regime on limestone or carbonate bearing schists. Traditionally regarded as a rosette-forming “biennial”, individuals usually flower after 8 years and grow considerably older at higher altitudes. This article reviews the taxonomy, morphology, distribution, ecology, life cycle, population biology, and genetics of this species as well as its status in the European countries.
Keywords : Alpine, ecology, monocarpic perennial, semelparity, species biology
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