Nagy, Grabherr, Körner, Thompson
Alpine Biodiversity in Europe

L. Nagy, G. Grabherr, Ch. Körner, D. B. A. Thompson (eds.)
Alpine Biodiversity in Europe

Ecological Studies 167
XXXI, 477 p. 150 illus., 17 in color, Hardcover
Springer Verlag, Berlin
ISBN: 3-540-00108-5
EUR 149.95
Covering all of Europe, this volume synthesises taxonomic, ecological, historical, functional and climatic studies to develop a holistic understanding of biodiversity at and above the treeline. Main themes include: plant, vegetation and animal diversity, altitude gradients and spatial patterns, long-term changes and the effects of herbivores on diversity. These themes are introduced by a geo-biological scene setting and by a novel characterisation of alpine bio-climate. Comparisons of current and long-term observations and data emphasise the historical tradition of alpine biodiversity research in Europe. Analyses of taxonomic and assembly data, at the continent-wide scale, provide insight into pattern and its historical and ecological causes.
The volume was launched at the annual conference of the British Ecological Society, held in Manchester Metropolitan University 9-11 September, 2003.