Körner, Spehn: Land Use Change and Mountain Biodiversity

Eva Spehn, Christian Körner, Maximo Liberma (eds.)
Land Use Change and Mountain Biodiversity

2005, 328 p.
CRC Press
ISBN 0-8493-3523-X
£ 62.99
Includes an overview chapter on high elevation land use, biodiversity, and ecosystem functioning
Provides a wealth of research data and bibliographic references not previously available in once source
Presents examples from the tropical Andes and Africa, the European Alps, and the Himalayas
Explains why biological diversity is essential for the integrity of mountain ecosystems
Land use change is the most important of all global change impacts on mountain biodiversity, and has the greatest impact on their ecosystem integrity and biological richness. Land Use Change and Mountain Biodiversity focuses on the interplay between disturbances in mountains, primarily anthropogenic in origin, and the mountain biota that determine responses to this disturbance. At the core of this issue is how species and landscape diversity buffers the anthropogenic impacts. Based on the applied research across the globe, this book takes a natural systems approach to understanding the links between biodiversity and ecosystem resistance/resilience. Many of the themes also have ecological applications beyond mountainous regions.