Botanical Image Database

The Botanical Image Database of the University of Basel is containing 4'500 plant images, mainly of flowering plants. The collection is rather focussed on a compreshensive documentation of morphology, life cycle and ecology (including pollination biology) of selected species than on a wide overview of species. Hence the selection of species is a little arbitrary (or at least depending on what practically could be done). The database offers a wide range of searching categories with different masks, but also a simple text search within the ensemble of the database.
All images are presented at first in a preview mode (height 150 px). Each image can be enlarged to a size of approximatively 600 x 800 px and has a caption with indication of locality, photographer etc. Scientific and educational use of pictures is free. Commercial use needs the explicit permission (please consult the copyright section for further details).




Thomas Fabbro, Thomas Zumbrunn